Florida Department of Transportation installs new technology to reduce wrong-way driving

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has installed new technology to reduce the number of wrong-way drivers.

"It is going to keep our drivers safer. Not only is it going to alert drivers they are going the wrong way, were going to have big blinking lights to notify them."

Sergeant Tara Crescenzi, with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), says because wrong-way driving often happens at night, trigger lights on warning signs will flash when a car is detected going the wrong way on exit ramps in hopes of alerting drivers.

Message boards along highways will warn other drivers and law enforcement will be notified quickly to arrive at the scene.

"There's going to be photos that are sent with the make, the model and the vehicle to notify law enforcement to go to that area," Crescenzi said.

This month, FHP says there have already been nine reports of wrong-way drivers. One ended up in a DUI arrest.

FDOT has eight signs along I-4 interchanges between Central Florida Parkway and Saxon Boulevard.

"We are doing this to save lives," Crescenzi said.

For more information, visit: i4beyond.com/wrongway