Florida Crime Files: Car riddled with bullets in road rage shooting

An SUV was riddled with bullets in Brevard County during a road rage shooting, a man is accused of abandoning kids on an island in Satellite Beach, and a Florida dad is accused of driving having fentanyl on him while driving 128 mph with kids in his car: Here is FOX 35's Florida Crime Files. 

SUV riddled with bullets after Mims road-rage shooting; 2 arrested, deputies say

Two Brevard County men were arrested Saturday night after allegedly firing several rounds into an SUV in Brevard County, which had a family, including three children, inside of it, according to the Volusia Sheriff's Office (VSO). Investigators said the shooting appears to have stemmed from a road rage situation.

According to VSO, deputies responded to the area of State Road 46 in Mims, Florida, around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday. The victims told deputies that they were traveling eastbound on State Road 46 when a black Dodge pickup began tailgating them, VSO said in a Facebook post.

"The truck ultimately passed them, forced them halfway off the road, cut them off, and came to a stop in front of them. Two men got out of the truck and fired several shots at the victims’ vehicle," VSO.

VSO said deputies counted at least nine bullet holes in the vehicle. The front passenger window was also shattered, VSO said. Remarkably, no one was hurt or killed in the shooting, officials said.

Man arrested after allegedly abandoning kids on an island in Satellite Beach

A man was arrested after police in Satellite Beach say three children were abandoned for hours on an island in Brevard County.

One of the children’s fathers, Leonard Nile, was supposed to be watching the kids on the Memorial Day camping trip, but the father was arrested and charged with three counts of child neglect. 

According to a police report, three children who were left without care were 9, 10, and 11 years old. Not only were they left, but they were stranded on an island surrounded by water before a Good Samaritan heard them screaming for help from the dock late Saturday night. 

"I cried so much Sunday that I can’t cry anymore. Now, I just want answers," said Robin, who’s one of the children’s mothers. 

Robin wants justice after her 9-year-old daughter and two other kids were allegedly left alone for four hours on Samson Island in Satellite Beach.

"They got scared, so they made their way to the dock and was yelling for help," said the mother. 

Robin says her daughter was staying with her best friend and was supposed to be watched by her father. She tells us he's looked after her daughter before, so she wasn't worried, but that changed on Saturday night. 

"I couldn’t get there fast enough to make sure my daughter was okay," said Robin, saying her heart sank when the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office called her, letting her know what happened to her daughter. 

According to a police report, Satellite Beach police officers responded to 698 Jackson Court after the man who was arrested, Leonard Nile, called 911, saying he lost contact with the children. The responding officers say Nile was emotional, showing mood swings and even crying and yelling in reference to missing children. 

Florida dad driving 128 MPH with kids in car found with fentanyl during arrest: deputies

A Florida dad was arrested after he was caught driving at nearly 130 mph in a 60 mph zone with his two children in the car, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office. Further investigation revealed that this wasn't the 39-year-old's first time allegedly speeding with his kids in the car. 

James Keosavanh was arrested for reckless driving and two counts of child abuse without great bodily harm after the incident that unfolded near SR-11 in Bunnell late Sunday night. During the traffic stop, two small baggies containing a substance that later tested presumptive positive for fentanyl were found in his wallet, adding a possession charge, deputies said. 

Just before midnight on Sunday, a deputy was patrolling the Bunnell area when she clocked an Audi speeding through an intersection. That car was clocked at 128 mph in a 60 mph zone, according to an arrest affidavit. 

The Audi came to a stop in the 13000 block of SR-11, and the deputy conducted a traffic stop. 

"I'm sorry," he said as he got out of his car, the affidavit said. 

The deputy asked if there was anyone else inside his car, to which Keosavanh said his two kids were inside. 

"I'm sorry," he said again. 

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said that the kids could have been injured physically due to how fast Keosavanh was driving. 

"(The deputy) asked James to explain to me why he continues to drive at high rate of speed with his children in the car and he stated he can't explain it to me in a way that I would be able to understand," the affidavit said. 

During a search after his arrest, the deputy found two small baggies inside his wallet which contained a powdery substance that later tested presumptive positive for fentanyl, according to the affidavit.