Florida couple shares details of attack by pit bull rescue they adopted

A Florida couple has shared their harrowing experience after being attacked by their rescue dog, leading to the dog’s death at the hands of deputies.

"I have a broken heart which can be mended. My soul will be forever shattered," Darylyn Warner said, reflecting on the incident that upended their lives.

Warner and Chad Bunfill had adopted Harley, a dog rescued from an abusive owner, and had him in their home for six weeks without any issues. 

"He was just so happy with us. And, you know, he showed us love. We showed him love," Warner recalled.

The situation took a sudden turn when a neighbor visited. 

"He came and just snapped on the back of my calf and was turning his head side to side," Warner said. 


After a struggle to free herself, she managed to crawl into Harley’s cage for protection.

"That was the best thing she could’ve done," Bunfill commented. 

However, Harley then attacked Bunfill, injuring his arm and leg.

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office arrived a few minutes later. 

"He knew there was actually an attack going on," Warner said. 

Harley lunged at them, prompting the deputies to shoot and kill the dog, saving the couple’s lives. The deputies received an award for their swift actions. 

"I watched him get shot four times... I have PTSD so bad," Warner shared.

The couple was rushed to the hospital, both bleeding heavily. After undergoing several surgeries, they have finally returned home. 

"Just been day by day, you know, taking it slow," Bunfill said.

Volusia Sheriff's Office deputies saved a New Smyrna Beach couple from a "vicious" dog attack on Mother's Day. (Photo: Volusia Sheriff's Office)

A necropsy is underway to determine why Harley suddenly became violent. Warner and Bunfill hope their tragedy serves as a cautionary tale. 

"There should be a more in-depth background check on the dogs to see how abused they actually were," Warner stated.