Florida counties receive grants for election security

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office has received the most money in the state for elections security.

All around Florida, 55 counties are receiving an Election Security Grant from Florida's Secretary of State.

"We need every penny of it. Florida is going to be very complicated in the 2020 election, and we need to make sure Florida is running smoothly in every county," said State Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando.

Stewart hopes Florida is able to prevent an election fiasco.

"We have to keep a really close eye on this, because we just don't want to have to see hanging chads," she said.

According to the Florida Department of State, more than $2.3 million was allocated around the state. In Central Florida, Brevard County received  $87,957, while Volusia County received $317,211, and Orange County led the way with $524,838.

"We're so much bigger than the other ones, so we have to get more money," Stewart said. 

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections says the money will be used to upgrade tablets for check-in.

"When you check in, it's going to be a lot easier," said Stewart. "It will make the lines go faster too.
That's one of the things people complain most about, is how long they have to stand in line." 

Since 2018, officials say they've also invested $1.9 million to buy and install the ALBERT network monitoring sensors for security.

"As long as they test them and increase voter confidence in that it's going to be accurate, then I'm all for it,"  Stewart said.

Legal teams and advocacy groups will be watching every move, she added.

"I am sure it's going to be a very close election, and when it's close like that, they're required to have a recount so, I would expect we will."

She said counties can appeal to the Secretary of State, if they need more money.