Five-month long Sanford Riverwalk Construction project begins

On Monday, a major construction project in Seminole County began. West Seminole Boulevard will be closed for up to six months along the Sanford River-Walk on Lake Monroe.

Some of these pipes under West Seminole Boulevard are nearly 80-years-old and just need to be replaced because of their age. So crews are going it rip it all up.

Cop cars and barriers block traffic for the first stretch of the RiverWalk road construction.

The $14 million project on the Riverwalk seawall is part of making the Riverwalk an integral part of the statewide bike and pedestrian network.

For five to six months, workers will replace the pipe crossings under 3.5 miles of West Seminole Boulevard. When it’s all said and done the extension of the Riverwalk will have wider sidewalks and more trees, bushes and flowers.

“They’ll be able to cycle, they’ll be able to walk, be able to take in the beautiful lake scenery,” project manager Jeff Davis said.

It will create a continuous path all along Lake Monroe that will measure about 26 miles. The City of Sanford aims to market that path for future marathons and athletic activities.

“It’s a beautiful addition,” James Ruggles said.

Residents in the area said they are looking forward to the improved Riverwalk.

“It will be worth the sacrifice because the Riverwalk is wonderful,” Brian Dodd said.

“It’s a short term pain for a long term gain,” Ruggles added.

The road closures will be completed in three phases along with new traffic patterns. The first phase will have road closures from Mangoustine Avenue to Regatta Shores for about six weeks.