Firefighters say boy doing YouTube stunt of burning school books causes brushfire

Melbourne police say a 12-year-old is in trouble, after causing a 10-acre brush fire that came dangerously close to homes.  They say he was recording a YouTube video stunt, burning his textbooks after school, but it got out of control.

The big blaze got too close for comfort, according to resident George Barket.

"The brush fire came up to my neighbor's fence and took out these trees," he explained.

Carmen Nieves added, "The smoke was really bad it took the whole neighborhood."

Investigators said the culprit called 911.

"The fire started by a 12-year-old, possibly by burning his textbooks," confirmed Fire Chief Mike Tymann.

Many suffered from the smoke, including Nieves, who said, "I was worried I'm a bit asthmatic and my daughter is asthmatic so I said if this smoke keeps going into the homes we're all going to be in serious trouble."

They are relieved they escaped a dangerous situation, but said the kid's parents need to step up and discipline the boy.

"Talk to them and communicate with them, because apparently they don't know how serious a fire can be," Nieves added.

"It's unfortunate," said Barket.  "I just hope he gets the help he needs."

Melbourne police said the child was charged with intentional burning of land and criminal mischief.