Fire breaks out at DeLand 'Budget Inn' motel

One room was left badly burned at the Budget Inn in DeLand, where a huge fire broke out Saturday night. 

Richard Siefert and his son, Shane, were staying a few doors down. They say they heard an explosion.

“We heard a 'boom!' The window blew out from the heat!” Richard Siefert said.

He said people were banging on the doors telling everyone to clear out of their rooms. 

“Flames coming out to the top over there, and we was running" he said.

Though most residents were back in their rooms, several of the rooms were still roped off after the devastating fire. Everyone impacted, including the Sieferts, were given different rooms. 

Richard Siefert, however, says he's ready to go.

“We're probably going to move somewhere else,” he said. “They gave us another room around the corner for today and tomorrow cause I'm paid-up til then. We're probably going to end up somewhere else,” he said.

No one was seriously injured. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire.