FHP says deadly Orange County intersection will be reviewed

There was a small memorial at the intersection of Gaymar Drive and Clarcona Ocoee Road on Friday afternoon for the victims of a horrible crash that killed five people the night before.

Three of the victims were children -- a five-month-old baby boy and five and four-year-old girls. The two women were 30-years-old and 25-years-old.

It's the second fatal crash there since January. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said they will consider ways to keep this from happening again. FHP Lt. Kim Montes heads a traffic safety committee that investigates and addresses dangerous roads.

"We come together when we see an area we think needs road clearing or speed reduced or we just want to figure out what's happened," she said.

Orange County officials said in a statement, "Out of respect for the families who are experiencing the incredible pain of losing loved ones, orange county public works will be gathering facts to understand the cause of the tragedy and determine if any action needs to be taken."

Montes said they will consider all options for making this stretch of road safer, with people who design and improve these roads taking a hard look at making changes. The safety committee meets next Tuesday morning.

"They'll look and see on their end if they see anything."

In late January, there was a similar fatal wreck at this intersection. A car heading eastbound on Clarcona Ocoee Road collided with another turning onto Gaymar Drive. A 35-year-old woman in the car that was hit later died in the hospital.

"It was the same thing," said Dorinda Renfroe, who lives in the area, "The lady lived right there. I saw her that morning. It's a bad intersection, a very bad intersection."

Renfroe said she heard Thursday’s crash and feels for the survivors and their families.

"I couldn't imagine. I've got kids, grandbabies. Their whole world just crumbled."

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