FHP exploring all options to crack down on street racing in Central Florida

In just the last couple of weeks, five people were killed in three deadly crashes in Osceola, Volusia and Brevard Counties — all from alleged street racing.

"Our roads are too crowded for that. Now, we have these drivers that either think that they’re invincible or they just don’t care," said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Lt. Kim Montes.

It’s so bad in Central Florida that one woman from California took notice.

"We are constantly investigating crashes all over the United States," said Lili Trujillo Puckett. She started the nonprofit Street Racing Kills seven years ago after her daughter, Valentina, died in a street racing crash.

She recently reached out to Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) to offer her mentoring services for youth and reckless driving offenders.

"We’re not pointing the finger at them. They’re going to get a ticket. They’re going to go to court and that’s where the finger is going to be pointed at them, so we create a mentorship," Trujillo Puckett said.

FHP is already working with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on street racing. They say they arrested at least three dozen people last year and wrote thousands of tickets for souped-up cars.

"As the pandemic went, I think people got bored," Lt. Montes said.

So, they’re exploring any avenue out there to crack down on street racers, and Street Racing Kills may be one of those options.

"We love working with the youth because we are mentoring our future drivers. We need to change the mentality of the young people," Trujillo Puckett said.