Fewer delays but still some confusion among drivers at new I-4 ramp lane in Maitland

Construction on Interstate 4 in Maitland and the shift of a exit ramp onto Maitland Blvd., caused confusion among drivers during the Wednesday morning rush hour.  Things went a little smoother on Thursday, but we found many frustrated drivers. 

"It's atrocious! It's very confusing!" said motorist Chris Collins.  

"They need to notify everyone because the traffic is getting crazy! These lanes are getting out of hand!" said motorist Tae Symone.

A day after the lane shift of the eastbound exit ramp led to traffic chaos, officials with the Florida Department of Transportation said they dropped the ball.

"Unfortunately, this is one of those shifts that because it moved a couple of times we didn't do our job in sharing that information with the public," said Dave parks, FDOT spokesman.

They say the builder, SGL Constructors, did not notify them of the change until Tuesday that they would be shifting the lane that night.

"They were not ready for the shift, then they were ready for the shift. In order to keep them moving with progress and being allowed to keep moving forward, this is one of those shifts without the typical outreach you usually do," Parks explained. 

When asked why FDOT did not ask SGL to delay the shift, Parks said, "Looking back at it, that's one of the things we'd like to have done with this ramp shift. That's a lesson we've learned and we can make sure we're doing that, moving forward."