FEMA explains how to receive Irma relief

FEMA crews are heading to neighborhoods to assist with disaster relief. Here's what you need to know.

Vaniesha Jones gathers whatever she can, before it starts raining. A big tree crashed down in the middle of her family's home destroying about everything inside.

"When it rains again, whatever's left is going to be gone. So right now we're trying to get little pieces."

Little pieces with big memories, she can't get over the loss.

"Basically everything. We lost all our furniture, basically living out of the clothes we had in the suitcases when we left."

Vaniesha says they tried calling FEMA for help, but didn't receive any. They don't have any insurance.

"We had to sleep a couple of days in our vehicles. We've been struggling to find a place to stay and find some help." Especially for baby Isaiah.

His mother Leslie Fleming says, "I've been having people giving diapers and stuff I have a gofundme page and they help out."

But FEMA officials say they're going into neighborhoods trying to help everyone who needs it including Vaniesha, who we connected with FEMA and got help. James Aladin, FEMA Group Supervisor says there are various ways.

"Lodging assistance, rental assistance, placement of your home."

As long as you can document the damage with pics they'll assist.

"Definitely apply for FEMA even if you have insurance or don't have insurance you must apply for FEMA to receive disaster assistance."

Vaniesha says, "It's been frustrating but we're trying to stay strong but we're glad we're here and we're alive."

To contact Fema you can download the FEMA app and enter your information online. Or call 1-800 621 FEMA. A Go Fund Me account to help Baby Isaiah and his family with food and diapers has also been set up here.