Feds file detainment documents for man accused of double deadly stabbing

A man accused of murdering a Daytona Beach couple faced a judge in Volusia County on Wednesday.

Jean Robert Macean, 32, was moved from the Orange County Jail to the Volusia County Jail after officers said he confessed to the brutal stabbings of Terry and Brenda Aultman. 

According to court records, U.S.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants him detained too.

In an exclusive interview with FOX 35 News, Macean’s stepfather, Addison Rubin, said he is in the county legally, from Haiti. 

"I come to the United States 1980. I never do something wrong. I’m citizen. First time police come to my home. It’s a big mistake. This guy made the mistake, not me."

Rubin did not say if Macean was here illegally, but he said his stepson lived with him in an Orlando apartment. 

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Immigration attorney Frank Symphorien-Saavedra of Symphorien-Saavedra Law said it’s all part of the process. We asked if there’s a chance Macean could placed in federal custody and not face charges here.

"If he’s being held on no bond, then there’s no chance of him to be held in federal custody… in this case, that’s what the judge ordered. No bond."

Symphorien-Saavedra added, "Once he serves his time and is getting ready to be released, then the federal government would take him into custody under that 48-hour detainer."

Rubin said his stepson is divorced. 

"He was married to an American woman. He quit or woman put him out. I don’t know." 

"Just because you’re married, it provides an avenue to get residence status, prerequisite to become a citizen and to being legal, but it doesn’t result in being anything," Symphorien-Saavedra explained.

An ICE spokesman tells FOX 35 news  ICE he i looking into the case.

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