Federal agent accidentally shoots self at Orlando Airport

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Traveler, Jenny Fulks, says she heard the gunshot  ring out in the main terminal of Orlando International Airport where Orlando Police say a federal agent accidentally shot himself.

“All of a sudden I heard an extremely loud pop which echoed throughout this area,” Fulks said.

A viewer sent FOX 35 a photo of the area where the gun fired leaving a mark on the ground.

“When I heard it I knew it was a gunshot but then when I saw people not reacting a started to think maybe someone dropped a bucket from high off a ledge,” Fulks said.

A picture from the Orlando Sentinel captures the aftermath of the shooting – the federal agent is seen in a wheel chair with a bandaged up foot, officers say he was unslinging his shoulder bag when it caught onto his holstered weapon.

As the gun fell, he tried to catch it, that’s when he inadvertently pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the heel .

“It’s definitely scary to think that that could have flown and hit someone else who and innocent bystander or what not so I'm glad the officer’s okay,” Fulks said.

Fortunately no one else was injured, despite the loud noise Fulks says other travelers weren't alarmed.

“I think that my fears were eased seeing that other people were not panicking or running,” Fulks said.

The agent was taken to the hospital in stable condition.