FDOT addressing concerns over I-4 flooding

It is not the scene the Florida Department of Transportation wants to see along Interstate 4, right in the middle of the I-4 Ultimate Project construction zone.  

Video captured on DOT cameras showed a truck with water up to it’s bumper, driving down the eastbound lane of the roadway, near the Florida Turnpike.  A similar scene played out a little further east, between Kaley Ave. and Michigan St.  

“The areas we saw some of the issues with Wednesday night dealt with, they had recently made some traffic shifts or moving around so something was up with the draining that wasn't up to the task of handling all that water,” said FDOT Spokesperson Steve Olson.   

The flooded roadways forced crews to shut down the road for nearly four hours.  Olson says FDOT took up their frustration with the project’s contractor.  

“Bottom line is, we shouldn't be seeing this kind of flooding on the interstate, especially for that length of time,” said Olson.  

He said FDOT made it clear the contractor needs to be prepared as this weather pattern continues -- no excuses -- and they have a game plan. 

“They're going to have teams out there working along I-4 identifying areas they might have problems trying to move some of the standing water off the road. In addition to that there's going to be an independent team that represents us going out there and looking at some areas that might be prone to flooding and the issues are of concern as well. And additionally we're going to have resources on standby, monitoring the situation, actually FDOT resources on standby if it comes to that,” said Olson.

Olson said last month, they experienced a similar problem with flooding on I-4 in Winter Park and it cost the contractor money and it could this time too.