FDLE launches app to help parents protect their kids on Halloween, year-round

Before you take your kids trick or treating, you may want to download a new mobile application released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

"You touch that button and you’re gonna know where all the perverts around you are,  that’s a great opportunity for us to have," explains Danny Banks, the special agent in charge of the technology.  

It’s a new tool launched by FDLE to help keep your kids safe.  FDLE has links to download the app for Android and Apple devices here.

"Any where you are, you pull up that map, it’s going to show where the registered sex offenders are in that neighborhood right at that time."

You’ll be asked to turn on location settings for the app.

"The app does not track anyone, it does not ask you for personal information and it will ask you at that point if you want to turn location services on because it’s going to need to know where you are so it can reference your area around you."

Different house colors have different meanings.

"Blue is a registered sex offender, red is a register sex predator, purple is multiple registered sex offenders live at that same address."

Agents hope this app helps parents decide which doors their kids should knock on.

"You can know all the way down to the house there’s a registered sex offender living at this next house and it’s just as easy to go to the house next door. The offenders know they’re not supposed to have interaction with children, but they were in jail for having interaction with children, so we’re not gonna leave it up to them to be the ones to dictate whether or not they’re exposed to children."

The app is free to download.