FDLE investigates Winter Park PD officer shooting

The Winter Park Police Department continues to investigate an officer-involved shooting which happened on Wednesday evening, on Mead Avenue near the Mead Botanical Gardens. 

"I heard a girl scream," said Lila Livingston, who lives nearby. "He said, 'You get in and shut your door!'" 

Livingston said police officers showed up shortly after.

"They came up to his door and knocked and said, 'This is Winter Park Police! Open up!"

Police said they were forced to shoot a man after they confronted a man with a weapon.

"One solid bang," explained Livingston.  "He was kind of hollering, because he'd been shot."

Officers said the man was stable with a non life-threatening injury. They have not said exactly what happened.  Neighbors tell us a couple lives at the address.

"They are quiet and private. Shocked, didn't expect anything like that out here," said Adriana Thrasher.

"It's a young couple. They both work. I've heard a few arguments, but nothing bad," Livingston added. "It was sort of unnerving."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also investigating. It is standard procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting.