Father and son killed in fatal house fire in Longwood

The roof collapsed after the deadly fire tore through a Longwood house that firefighters say started before 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Flames raged through the top of the house, as the fire burned. Neighbors were left stunned.

“That's really shocking,” said Debra Folsom, “it's too close to home.”

Three people were living there: two parents and an adult son in his 50's. Fire Rescue said the mother made it out of the house after the fire started and called 911.

“It looks like it was over in one of the bedroom areas, from the initial videos we received it looks like it was on that side of the house,” said Paula Thompson, with Seminole County Fire Rescue.

Firefighters said they battled heavy flames as they tried to get into the house. Inside they found the father and son, dead. Crews from Longwood and Seminole County responded to the scene. They say at this point the fire does not look suspicious.

“We have Seminole County FD, Fire Marshal's office, and also the sheriff's office on scene that will be investigating. It's still pretty hot for them to go in, but they will be investigating the fire,” Thompson said.

They didn’t know if the house had working smoke detectors. Neighbors said it was an important reminder to be prepared, and appreciate every day.

“It could have been any of us, so it just reminds you that life is precious,” Folsom said.

Fire Rescue and the State Fire Marshal's office are both investigating how this deadly fire started.