Family still searching for missing Port Orange woman who disappeared 10 years ago

Laurel Rogers disappeared 10 years ago, but her family and friends aren't stopping in their search for answers. 

Her family held a candlelight vigil Saturday night.

The Port Orange woman disappeared 10 years ago.

She was last seen leaving her home on February 1, 2010.

"We just miss her, and we’re never going to stop looking for her," said Laurel’s mom, Lauretta Rogers. 

Laurel went missing a decade ago when she was 28-years-old. 

Her family lit 38 candles in honor of her.

"We don’t know where she’s at, but we pray for her safe return," Lauretta Rogers said. "I don’t think negative."

The family hopes by sharing Laurel's story, it will remind the community that she's still missing and they're still looking for her. 

"Because we don’t want people to forget," said Laurel’s sister, Leah Pennington. "We don’t want people to give up hope." 

The resilient family says to this day there are few clues about Laurel's disappearance, but they will never give up hope that she'll be found. 

"Any little piece of information helps and that’s a big part of why we do this," Pennington said. "We miss her and we love her, but we want her home and we don’t want to do it alone."

The case is still open and there is a $30,000 reward.