Family recovering after hit and run

A mother is still in shock, just days after a hit-and-run driver struck her and her children as they were crossing a roadway in Pine Hills.

"I saw the lights, I tried to move them, it was too late, I saw my babies slide down the road, I saw Bella fly," said Francharia Williams. "I started to chase them and when I got to them, he was unconscious and covered in blood, his sister, she was covered in blood, her head was laying on the side and my other son had blood coming out of his mouth, he wasn't moving, he wasn't responsive."

The five were taken to the hospital. Williams suffered a fractured hip and three of the kids have serious injuries.

"I had to watch my son in a coma for two days, I had to watch them put staples in his head, I had to watch my daughter in and out on consciousness," said Williams.

The kids have been released from the hospital with a long recovery ahead, but what is causing Williams the most pain is the fact the driver left the scene without checking on them and still has not come forward.

"I can't wrap my mind around how you can hurt somebody's kids and then just leave like it wasn't nothing," said Williams. "I could have lost all four of mine, I would have been sitting in a funeral instead of sitting, talking to you."

The Florida Highway Patrol said the search for the driver continues.  Anyone with information is urged to come forward.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the family to cover medical costs.