Family of man beaten to death on Thanksgiving Day speaks out about murder

The family of a man who was beaten to death on Thanksgiving Day says they are still in shock over his murder.

We were shown pictures of 68-year-old Kenneth Ailsworth by his brother, who asked that we not show his face on camera.

He says Kenneth took care of some neighborhood cats and was worried about his neighbor’s dogs attacking them after one of them got loose. 

"He said put your dogs on a leash and that’s what instigated the whole thing."

According to the arrest report, 22-year-old T’uana Williams and her juvenile sister beat Kenneth to death at the Colonial Apartments. Williams claims the 68-year-old hit her first during the argument. 

Witnesses say Ailsworth was sitting on the ground with his hands over his head, yelling to call the police, as they continued beating him. 

"I just picture my brother crawled up in a fetal position, praying to God they’d just quit, quit beating him, ‘Somebody help me!’"

He says his brother used a walker and wheelchair due to heart issues. 

The suspects told deputies that they had kickboxing training. 

"Two healthy girls with kickboxing training. A 68-year-old handicapped man. It’s no sense in it to me at all."

According to investigators, the girls' mother told deputies that she was yelling out a window, for her daughters to stop fighting.

Ailsworth’s nephew says,"I think there was a lot more she could have done to stop it before it got to where it did."

They say Ailsworth was a very smart person, who retired from Lockheed Martin. He loved art and photography. Now his family mourns his loss and prays for justice. 

"It was cold, it was heartless. It was just, it wasn’t right."

Both Williams and her sister are charged with murder.

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