Family of 3-month-old girl in NICU hopes she'll be home for Christmas

It's looking like a family's Christmas wish will be granted that their newborn who's been in the hospital since her birth will be home by December 25th.

3-month old Mia Sanchez has not been out of the neonatal intensive care unit at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, where she needs critical care. But this week, her family learned Mia will be home for her first Christmas if things go well this week.

5-year old Lola Sanchez is ready to be a big sister.

“I'm gonna help mommy feed her bottle and change her diaper,” she said.

But ever since her little sister Mia was born prematurely three months ago, she's only had limited contact with her in the NICU.

"I think she's just ready to have the real deal at home,” said her mother, Brittany Sanchez. “She gets a little bit of practice at the hospital holding bottles."

After health concerns, numerous blood transfusions and a surgery, the prospect of having little Mia home for Christmas has been slim for the Sanchez family.

"It's such a blessing. We've got so many people praying,” said Elizabeth Sims, Mia’s grandma. “We've got prayer warriors all over the place praying and hoping that she does come home for Christmas.”

“Family is everything. And for us to have our little girl home for the holidays, that would be amazing.” Brittany said. “I know that our 5-year-old wants the same thing too."

Finally, Brittany says doctors gave her the news she'd been waiting to hear. If little Mia recovers as expected from one final surgery, her family can take her home for Christmas.

“For us just to have that peace and not to go back and forth, I think just her being home with us will feel complete for the holidays,” she said.

While the hospital couldn't give details on Mia's prognosis, Brittany says things look very positive. And that's making their Christmas list very simple.

"This is what we want for Christmas,” she said. “This is our top priority to Santa Claus: bring Mia home"

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, the same day as Brittany's original due date. Recovery is expected to take around two to three weeks.