Family holds vigil at I-4 memorial site on anniversary of deadly crash

Drivers along Interstate 4 may notice memorials left behind by families who have lost loved ones to fatal crashes on the roadway. 

At one memorial near Lake Mary, star-shaped balloons could be seen tied to three big, colorful crosses on Tuesday evening.  It's all in honor of Jeffrey Harper Jr., a 29-year-old father-to-be who died in a motorcycle crash on the interstate three years ago this week. 

"He was a good guy. He always tried his best," said the brother of the crash victim, Jonathan Harper. "He showed that to everybody and never was fake."

The family gathered to freshen up the memorial and remind drivers to be more cautious, slow down, and pay attention while on the roads.

"You could take somebody's life, easily, for you just being in the rush," said Harper.  "It's not that important to get somewhere; it's more important to save somebody's life.

Jeffrey Harper's family said he never got to meet his son, who was born after his death. They bring the boy to the memorial every year.

"We live our life to the fullest every single day, we never forget his memory, and we have his son here with us as well to make sure he is never forgotten at all," Harper added.