Family hatches idea to sell eggs amid recall

Two cases of confirmed Salmonella in Florida, and over 200 eggs recalled. 

Now, DeLand resident Rickey Westfall is selling his own eggs, hatched in his backyard.

"The kids wanted chickens, so we started out with eight chickens and next thing I knew I had 100 chickens," he said.

Right off Marsh Road, you'll find chickens and eggs.

"There's usually like 85 eggs," said Rickey's son, Ryan.

"We were getting too many eggs and so we made a little stand for the kids. They put out there and put a little box on the door and people leave notes, 'Thank you very much. We need more.' And here we are."

Now, Rickey's family, and their 100 chickens, are trying to keep up with the high demand. 

They're putting dozens of fresh eggs out in the box in front of their home everyday. 

"They don't get any time to sit, they're picked fresh," said Rickey. That's important now, during the largest egg recall in recent history. 
"They can go in and get their own eggs if they want; there's nothing to hide." 

Even Pest Control of Orlando gave the chickens a Grade A stamp of approval. 

"We feed them natural feed, they go outside all day. They eat bugs and roam around. They're happy."

But before you rush out to get your own chickens, check what permits are required in your county first.