Family fleeing war in Ukraine reunited in Central Florida

A war, a journey overseas, and finally Marisha Murga is reunited with her father after fleeing Ukraine. 

"I’m happy that I am safe and see my parents and my brother," said Murga.

Murga escaped Ukraine and went to Poland when Russia invaded. Her brother, Aleksandr, lives in Longwood. He flew to Poland a few weeks ago to help her get a U.S. visa. She had been declined three times previously, but not this time. 

"I’m happy I did when I meant to do. I wanted to go help my friends, help my family, to get her here and I did that. She’s here with me, and I’m really thankful it’s happened," said Aleksandr Murga.

This is Marisha’s first time on American soil. She’s safe now, but it wasn’t simple. She left her husband behind to fight. 

"Not only my husband, all my family, friends, work, house, all things." 

Murga doesn’t know how long she’ll stay now. She and her brother are in constant contact with friends and family in Ukraine. They hope to return but not until after things calm down.

"For any female or kid, I would rather them be outside Ukraine. After war over, I’m thinking to maybe go there and spend some time in Ukraine to start rebuilding."

Until then, there will be more moments shared with family, safe and sound in Central Florida. 

"I wasn’t able to just stay quiet. I went there, and I did my best, the best I could." 

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