Families in need line up for Farm Share food giveaway in Kissimmee

Cars started lining up early for the latest Farm Share food giveaway in Kissimmee on Saturday morning. About 500 boxes of food, courtesy of the Farm Share organization, were piled up and waiting for them.

"So there's milk, there's juice, fresh produce, chicken. Pretty much if you're missing food for Easter, you can have an Easter meal with what's in that box. But again, stuff that will last for about a week," said Chris Brumbaugh, a spokesman for Osceola County.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was a drive-through event. People who showed up wore masks and stayed in their cars, while volunteers loaded the food into their trunks.

"Over the last year, it's been more important than ever. As you know, unfortunately there's always been some food insecurity in our area, but with the pandemic, it's just become exasperated. We want to make sure people keep their pantries stocked," said Viviana Janer, an Osceola County Commissioner.

Last year alone, Farm-Share handed out more than 104 million pounds of food, and served more than 86 million meals, to people in need. Volunteers said it felt good to help.

"I know we went almost a year without being able to do any in-person events. They're out there right now doing what they can. I live in this community myself here, and I know that there's a big need," said John Timmerman, a volunteer.

The next Farm Share food giveaway is set for 10 a.m. Thursday morning in Orlando at the Holden Heights Community Center.