Teacher accidentally sets off panic alarm at Lake Mary Middle School, parents startled

A scare at a local middle school put some parents on edge. A panic alarm was briefly set off at Greenwood Lakes Middle School putting the school into a lockdown. 

"These kids thought their lives were in danger. I don’t think that it should be that easy to make that kind of mistake," said Ryan Henghold. 

Henghold has a child who attends Greenwood Lakes. The school told parents in an email that an emergency alert was accidentally set off by a teacher at 9:02 this morning putting the school in a brief lockdown.  

"The alarm went off meaning a code red. [My daughter] was getting pushed into a room and the teachers were yelling and pushing and she was nervous," said Kathleen Simons. 

Henghold and some other parents tried to contact the school for a better explanation. 

"Perhaps there was an accident that was made but the email sounded like everything was OK. No mistakes were made. Everything is fine. I would believe quite the opposite. My son thought he was going to be killed," said Henghold. 

Seminole County schools tells FOX35 a substitute teacher unfamiliar with the Emergency Raptor System accidentally set it off. 

"Training has been delivered to that individual and messaging was sent to all parents to confirm there was no threat on campus at any time," said SCPS in a statement. 

"It was scary but I’m glad they reacted the way they did," said Simons. 

Orange County Sheriffs responded to the incident but left once it was determined to be a false alarm.