Facebook page in deceased girl's honor now running again after targeted by hackers

UPDATE 5/17/2018:  The Facebook page honoring a little girl, Kyssi Andrews who died of cancer, that was previously hacked and shutdown, is now back up and running again. Marla jones started the page after her daughter, Kyssi was diagnosed with cancer. She even kept up with the page after Kyssi died at age six in 2015--that is until hackers took over. FOX 26 reached out to Facebook, and we are happy to report the social media giant reinstated the page.


Her daughter died of cancer. Now, the young girl's legacy may be lost as well, with hackers to blame. 

Young Kyssi Andrews' Facebook page had 365,000 supporters. On it, Marla Jones documented every high and low her daughter endured while battling cancer. Recently, computer hackers attacked the page. Now, it and years of what Jones has documented are gone.               

“I've had such a hard time since Kyssi passed away,” says Jones.

At just three years old, Kyssi Andews was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer. For the next three years, Kyssi's mother marked her daughter's every move, posting every picture and every video on the Kyssi Andrews Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Facebook page.

”The Kyssi Andrews Foundation page meant everything to me," describes Jones. "It was everything we ever chronicled.” 

Jones continued the online diary even after her daughter died in June 2015, updating her thousands of followers with posts about pediatric cancer. Then, she received an email telling her to click a link if she wanted to keep her page in good standing. She did and hackers took over the Facebook page where her six-year-old daughter's legacy lived on. 

“Feels like she just died all over again,” adds Jones.

The hackers began posting inappropriate images. Now, the page, dedicated to her deceased six-year-old daughter, is gone. Yet another blow for this mother in mourning since her daughter went to heaven. 

“It's been like hell," explains Jones. "I miss her so much. I think of her every day.” 

The Facebook page was also a place of healing, an outlet where she could keep her daughter's memory alive and help other families. 

”There have been some hard days and so many families go through that," says Jones. "That's what this Facebook page was all about.”  

Jones lost a lot of pictures, posts and prayers for Kyssi. She wants this to serve as a warning to everyone and she still believes maybe the page isn't lost forever. 

“I'm hoping I can get the page back.”

FOX 26 News has contacted Facebook and was told the company is looking into what happened to the Kyssi Andrews page.