Extreme heat! Heat indices to reach over 100 degrees in Central Florida

Summer is officially here and Central Florida residents are feeling the burn!

After several days of rain and storms, the official start of summer is bringing temperatures in the 90's with heat indices over 100!

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"It's already hot and humid and that's how we're going to be as we go through the weekend," says Fox 35 meteorologist Brooks Tomlin. "Very low rain chances all the way through Tuesday." 

Orlando resident's like Carolina Agulo say the heat is hard to handle.

"Every time I walk outside, I feel like I'm walking into an oven. I have to park under a tree just so I don't pass out in my car before I start driving!"

To stay safe in the hot weather, make sure to drink lots of water, wear breathable fabrics and if you're working, be sure to take frequent breaks. 

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As for pets, veterinarians say that burned paw pads are a problem that they see every summer and that many pet owners may not realize that dogs' paw pads are quite sensitive, like human feet and hands. 

To avoid a painful injury happening to your dog, veterinarians suggest going for walks early in the morning (before 8 a.m.) or late at night (after 8 p.m.) when pavement is coolest or simply avoiding artificial surfaces altogether by walking on dirt trails or real grass.

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