Experts weigh in on the benefits of air duct cleaning

Experts are weighing in on whether air duct cleaning can prevent coronavirus.

“It’s unfortunate that it takes a pandemic for everybody to get to the awareness level, the consumer level up to where it should’ve been anyway,” Steve Mores, with Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, said.

Mores works in the clean air business.  So does Jerry Cook, who owns Cook’s Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists in Ocala.

“We’ve had people concerned about air quality, duct cleaning, and asking about the UVC and air cleaners like that,” Cook said.

Cook shared photographs with FOX 35 News showing what a dirty system looks like.

“A clean air conditioning unit, meaning the equipment and clean ductwork, help you breathe cleaner air in your home,” Cook said.

He said cleaning your air ducts and using preventative products, such as UV lights, does not guarantee coronavirus won't get into your home, but it will make the air inside cleaner.

“Air quality products work very well on keeping those things from coming back in and then also the UVC can kill the germs, flu virus, and bacteria, along with SARS,” Cook said.

He said all customers should do their research before calling a company to do work.

“By having air quality products installed in the home, the UVC, the UVV, the duct cleaning, we can help curb some of these viruses, and we can also help improve some of that air quality in the home,” Cook said.