Experts: No need to panic buy gasoline in Florida due to pipeline cyberattack

Experts say there is no need to panic-buy gasoline in Florida as the state is not directly impacted by the Colonial Pipeline hack. 

It is true that the hack is causing gas shortages at stations in other states. However, Florida doesn’t depend on that pipeline for fuel. Instead, the state gets most of the gas supply from the Gulf of Mexico.

Fox News Business Contributor Gary Kaltbaum said the long lines and high demand will all be a thing of the past in just a matter of days.

"I suspect this is going to be fleeting," Kaltbaum said. "The company already has their website already up and I expect free flow within five days from now." 

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A spokesperson from AAA says we are seeing gas outages at some stations in parts of Florida, but this is because people are panic buying. He said this is causing a larger problem.

"When people race out to the pump and top off their tanks and they fill up extra cans, all that does is create a supply problem," AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said. 

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"It makes it more challenging for the truck drivers to transport the gasoline over to every single gas station that has since run out of gasoline."

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