Enrollment period for prepaid college tuition begins Oct. 15

The annual open enrollment period for Florida’s Prepaid College Tuition program begins this Saturday, October 15th. Prices are up slightly from last year, by an average of two percent.

A traditional four-year university plan will now cost 187 dollars per month, up four dollars from the previous year. There are several prepaid tuition options available to fit the budgets of most families, including two and four year plans to cover state colleges, or hybrid plans for two years at a state college and two more at a university.

Florida Prepaid spokesperson Shannon Colavecchio says investing in a child’s education is one of the best gifts a parent or grandparent can ever give their kid.

“Student loan debt is second to mortgages," said Colavecchio. "When you think about what that does to a person, when I am graduating from college and I have all of this loan debt, it keeps me from buying a car. It keeps me from buying a house. It might keep me from starting a family.”

The least expensive prepaid tuition plan covers one year at a university, and costs 47 dollars per month.

Open enrollment will run through February 28,  2017.  Any child in Florida from newborn through 11th grade may take part in the program.

For more information on any of the prepaid college plans, visit www.MyFloridaPrepaid.com.


Information provided by The News Service of Florida.