Employee with Flagler County Public Schools tests positive for COVID-19

An employee with Flagler County Public Schools has tested positive for COVID-19, the district says.

The district received notification of the test on Wednesday from the Department of Health. The Flagler County Health Department followed up with its own epidemiological investigation, to include contacting anyone determined to have been in close contact with that person.

"The Department of Health defines close contact as being within six feet of that person for a ​prolonged ​ period of time. This normally occurs while caring for, living with, visiting or sharing space with a COVID-19 case," said James Tager, Superintendent of Flagler Schools. "Simply walking past someone, or even being in the same room as the person does not count as “close contact.”

Health privacy laws prohibit the district from releasing any additional information about this case so it is unclear if this is an instructor.