Elderly Florida couple, dogs rescued after boat is stranded for nearly 24 hours

An elderly couple and their dogs were rescued after being stranded on their boat for nearly 24 hours in Brevard County.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office deployed their Aviation Unit after getting reports of a couple stuck in Mosquito Lagoon. The couple's boat had reportedly run aground on Dec. 4 while sailing through the area and were unable to free it. The man tried to call his boat towing service, but they were unable to assist due to conditions at the time.

"After being stranded near the embankment for approximately 18-20 hours, the parties aboard the boat were finally able to make contact with Coast Guard Jacksonville, who relayed the information to our Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit," the sheriff's office said. "The Aviation unit was able to make contact with the parties aboard the boat and learned that an elderly male and female were on board and that they had been aboard the stranded vessel since mid afternoon on December 4, 2019."

A helicopter was sent to locate the vessel, which was stuck on the east embankment at the northern end of Mosquito Lagoon. 

"Utilizing “Starfish” our float equipped helicopter, the team was able to locate a small area to land directly to the east of the victims. After landing, contact was made with the victims and their two dogs that were also aboard the vessel."

The couple and their dogs were airlifted out of the area. They were treated by rescue crews and released.

"This case is another perfect example of the dedication and commitment of our team members to protect all of our citizens, including our pets!! Great job by everyone involved!!"