Econ Soccer Complex added as testing site to ease demand

The Econ Soccer Complex opened at 9 a.m. Monday morning for COVID testing.

The new site is a welcomed addition in Orange County after long lines had Barnett Park maxed out and closing early ahead of the holidays.

"Please don’t freak out or panic if you don’t make the line today. Know that we still have supply that will last us," said site manager Delisa Craig.

Officials say the problem has not been a lack of tests but how many people they can see in a day.

They encourage early arrival as they expect 1,000 people a day at the new site.

"I know that we will be able to service a lot of people that would not otherwise be serviced if we only had Barnett Park open," Craig said.

Lines began forming on Yates Road before sunrise.

Dozens of cars lined up before the gate opened and backed up onto Colonial Drive. 

Many wanted to get checked after Christmas gatherings and because of omicron concerns.

"Just to get back to work to make sure it's safe for everybody," said Daniela Nieto, who was waiting in line.

With many pharmacies booked for testing and at-home test hard to find, this new drive-thru site provides PCR and rapid nasal tests.

Testing is free but those with insurance are asked to bring their insurance card.

"It seems like everywhere is pretty packed, so I’m glad they’re opening a little bit more," Nieto said.

Econ soccer complex will open for tests seven days a week but will be closed this Friday and Saturday for the New Year holiday.