Duke Energy helps woman fighting cancer

Monday morning, you couldn’t easily see it, but Carol Hogan is living with stage two Breast Cancer.  "Shocker,” Carol said. “Didn't think it was going to happen to me."

Carol said  it's a miracle she was diagnosed at all. Her first mammogram actually came up clear. She said she had a bad feeling and decided to get a second opinion. That's when the cancer was detected. Carol said treatment is rough.  "Each patient is different, I'm told but That's where I got the sickest,” she told FOX 35. “Where my bones feel like they're going to explode from the inside out."

Which is why her daughter, Danielle Hogan, recently quit her waitress job to take care of her mom full-time.  "Now, it is time for family," Danielle said.

That family got a pleasant surprise at Danielle's Ocala home from Duke Energy Monday. The company heard Danielle's story and decided to outfit her house with about $100 in energy savers like new faucet heads, new shower heads, new light bulbs and pipe wrapping.  Danielle said, "Every little bit counts and it means the world to me, and I know it means a lot to my mom as well."

Duke Energy also gave them a complete Thanksgiving meal and other gifts, too.

Amy Mangan, Government Community Relations Manager for north coastal Duke Energy Florida said, "[We] hope that they have a little less worry in their life and that they know there's one less thing they have to think about."

A little less worry, and a bit more money savings, for a family already going through so much.  "I am so thankful,” Danielle said with a smile.

The folks at Duke Energy tell FOX 35 you can get the energy savers for free, if you are a customer.  Otherwise, you can buy them at the store for a little less than $100.