Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center reopens Monday with kids camp

With the governor allowing playhouses and auditoriums to reopen, the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is taking a very different and safe approach.

The curtain is opening back up at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, but with pint-sized performers in training as a camp for kids begins.

"We’re bringing the center back alive, and it starts this coming Monday, on June 8, with our first in-person camp," Vice President of Programming Foster Cronin said.

Cronin says the performing arts center will be offering performing arts summer camp for kids, both virtually and in-person with plenty of precautions.

"We will have a representative come out with face covering and gloves and they will do a temperature check right there," Cronin said. "They will then escort the child into our facility and maintain social distancing."

Of course with talent in training, officials also hope to have shows for parents to attend.

"We're working to see how we can have a small group into the theater, socially distance properly, so they can see it live," Cronin said.

Reporter: "Good practice for when the real thing happens you think?"

Cronin: "That is very true."

You can call it a rehearsal for when the big-time performers come back.

FOX 35 News asked when that could happen.

"I want to tell people to hold on. It’s slowly coming back," Cronin said.

Right now, he said the performing arts center is taking it step-by-step.

"We’re trying to find other ways which we may be announcing at the end of June for us to find a way to bring some other activations back to the center," he said. "I think everybody would like to come back and do live performances. We just need to do it in a safe environment."

If you’re interested in information on the camp, visit the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts website.