Dr. Phillips Center prepares for socially distant, 6-month outdoor arts festival

A festival in the front yard of the Dr. Phillips Center is set to happen. Think of it like a big ole' block party, except the block is Downtown Orlando and the party is socially distanced. 

"It will really be the opportunity for all of us to come back together and get back to live entertainment but in a healthy and safe environment," said Dr. Philips Center spokeswoman Lorri Shaban.

It's called the Front Yard Festival, a six-month continuous event outside the Dr. Phillips Center, featuring music, comedy, food, theater, health and wellness nightly.

If you're worried about social distancing, that's where metal pods come in. "You will be buying a seat in a pod, and the pods are constructed of metal scaffolding and they are socially distanced, six-feet at least between pods," Shaban said.

The pods hold up to five people. There's no mask needed inside the pod, but you must wear it when you walk around. 

"Health and safety is really important to us and we’ve been working on this for several months," Shaban said, with guidance from local, state and federal officials. 

There will be touchless temperature checks and bag checks, and pre-order and apps available to buy food. 

The Orlando City Council unanimously approved a $250,000 grant that will help build the stage and space. 

Everyone is working to creatively reignite the arts downtown. 

"We kind of consider it a really great way to socialize again but stay socially distant, stay really healthy and safe." 

The Front Yard Festival is set to begin in December.