Dozens of cats rescued from accused hoarders

Officials at the Lake County Animal Shelter say they are simply inundated with cats -- they will be receiving more than 75 cats in 24 hours after two cases of animal hoarding.

“It’s always unfortunate when we stumble on these cases where the care is less than optimal or the numbers are too much to handle,” said Whitney Boylston of the Lake County Animal Shelter.

Two litters of kittens along with the mother cats are just some of the 24 cats that came into the Lake County Animal Shelter Wednesday morning after deputies say their owners had to abandon them during an eviction.

“Earlier today we had 24 cats brought to us by the animal enforcement unit and those came from a home out in Paisley where the folks had left all these animals behind so they had a room that had all these 24 cats and kittens in it,” Boylston said.

On top of that, the shelter is expecting nearly 50 cats from a home in Eustis where they say owner, was trying to her best to care for them, but there was simply too many.

“Any time we have a large influx of animals it does put a  strain on the animal shelter, and so to have these 24 coming from one home in one city and then we’re expecting at least a couple from another home in another city today, we really need the community’s help,” Boylston said.

Fortunately the cats from the Paisley home are in good condition, which is why they’re hoping to find them foster families, they’re also waiving pet adoption fees for all cats and kittens this week through their partner Leash Inc.

“Right now we’ve got the staff busily shuffling animals, In order to divide up the housing, so that we can have space to house those that we can for the time being while we’re waiting for foster homes, we’re going to make it work,” Boylston said.

For more information on how to adopt or foster cats and kittens at the Lake County Animal Shelter, click here