Dozens of car break-ins reported at Kissimmee hotels

One parking lot was covered in broken glass, as dozens of cars parked at Kissimmee hotels had their windows smashed.  

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said thieves hit at least 78 vehicles overnight.  David Hinton was staying at the hotel, chaperoning middle school students on a trip.

“When they think of Florida, they'll also think of crime,” Hinton said.

People staying at the hotel said around six o'clock Tuesday morning they came out to the parking lot to find their vehicles had been broken into. Shattered glass was everywhere. Lots of them say they also had valuables stolen.   Aurea Negron left her laptop in her car overnight.

“Just like I thought, they stole my work laptop, which hurts because I have a lot of information there,” she said.

Because Negron had been checking out this morning, she'd left her packed luggage in there, too.

“They took all our bags and luggage and they were all spread through the parking lot. We had to pick them up and stuff,” she said.

Repairmen worked to replace broken windows on many of the cars. Negron had an eight hour drive to North Carolina ahead of her, she'd have to wait until her car was fixed before she could leave.

“I don't like to drive at night but I'm gonna have to, because I have to be at work tomorrow morning.”

Hotel managers wouldn't comment and referred us to the sheriff's office for information. David Hinton said it's not how they want to think of this visit.

“It's definitely something you won't forget,” he said.