Dozens of caged cats abandoned in Fort Worth building

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More than three dozen cats are quarantined and now being taken care of after being abandoned in carriers on a property in Fort Worth.

The Humane Society of North Texas and the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department seized the 41 cats from an outbuilding with no electricity or running water. The cats were confined to travel carriers or wire cages with rancid water.

Officials believe the cats had been there for a while. They were likely abandoned by a tenant who moved off the property.

"It's a terribly inhumane situation,” said Cassie Lackey with the Humane Society of North Texas. “It is very, very hot outside. And for these animals to be in a contained building about the size of a one stall garage and have the same temperature outside as inside?  It's just grueling and very taxing on their little bodies."

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the removal of the animals and is investigating the allegations of animal cruelty.

Some of the cats are now being treated for fleas, parasites and malnutrition. Once recovered, they will be put up for adoption in a couple of weeks.

The Humane Society is also accepting monetary donations for their care. For more information, visit