Downtown Sanford shops hope for big sales on Small Business Saturday

In the heart of downtown Sanford, nearly twenty local small businesses took part in small business Saturday.

"Small business is what keeps this community going," says "Big Al," who helps run Maya Books & Music. "All small business on this street and the surrounding area is important for the community to thrive, so this is a big day for us."

Jeanine Taylor, who runs an art gallery on the street, helped start Small Business Saturday in Sanford, four years ago. 

"So I got a few retailers together here and we started Small Business Saturday," she says, "and it's really, really grown."

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Small retailers, like Christine Seymour who runs Board & Brush, say they need the help, especially during this pandemic. 

"It's really great if you could support small business owners like us because especially after the time we've had over the past year or two, we really need local support to keep going."

Visitors to historic downtown Sanford could pick up sheets they're calling ‘passports.’ Each store gave a special stamp, and when they gathered all of them the sheets could be submitted into a raffle for gift certificates.

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Shoppers say they're happy to help and get in on the deals. 

"I think it's absolutely beautiful and should continue to happen more often. Small businesses is really what helps the entire downtown historic area grow," said Gina Verdon.

"I think it's a great idea," added Michael Gennaro. "Especially coming out of COVID and we can get out and come to the actual stores instead of just shopping online."