Double murder, suicide in Silver Springs Shores

A boyfriend and girlfriend were shot and killed in a Marion County home early this morning.

Family of the young couple who lived here comfort each other as they grieve.

Deputies say ex-boyfriend Gregory Briseno is responsible.

Deputies showed up to the home on Midway Terrace in Silver Springs Shores after receiving a hang up call to 911 by a roommate who was home at the time of the shooting.

About 5 hours later, they got another call. 

Briseno was found shot to death inside a car near several businesses just a few miles away from the murders.

It did not take long to connect the dots.

Deputies say Briseno posted this on Facebook around the same time the couple was killed. 

"I was pushed to a limit I never thought I'd be pushed to. I was shown true evil in the past 6 months. My body, heart and mind has been affected to no repair. I will take the title of the bad guy.

"Nobody needs to know the true betrayal and trespass done unto me. She will keep her name intact whether it be good or bad. Any other party affected in the moment will only be that of collateral damage. Just know it had to be done."

Deputies say they were called for a domestic situation between Briseno and the woman last month. But the woman refused to press charges.