'Don't get scammed': Police say that hackers are selling Disney+ usernames and passwords online

The Eustis Police Department is warning against scams targeting Disney+ users. 

"We want our residents to be ahead of any potential scams and not be victim to them and with Disney+ being out, you know, it's like the biggest thing on the internet right now," said Eustis Police Department Public Information Officer Lauren Brown.

Not long after Disney+ launched there were reports of a hack where thousands of people were locked out of their accounts. 

There were also reports of some of those accounts being sold on the dark web. The police department says it has not had any reports of the scam or hacking in their area.

In a Facebook post, police said that hackers gain access to the accounts and obtain usernames and passwords. These are then listed for sale on criminal websites.  They encourage that you keep your family safe with the following tips:  do not reuse passwords; never use variations of current or old passwords.

The police department also says to make sure you are careful when giving out your personal information. Officers say to check that the website is secure.