Dogs running on highway cause Interstate 17 traffic jam

Two stray terriers finally got some rest, after their running around on I-17 in North Phoenix caused major traffic disruptions Wednesday afternoon.

Just after 11:00 a.m., DPS performed several traffic breaks on the highway, in an effort to usher the dogs off the road. A DPS trooper was able to catch one of the dogs, who seemed to be relieved to lie down.

"She came up and put her head next to me," said Megan Smith, an animal control officer. "I was able to pick her up and she was very sweet."

The other dog, however, was not so sweet, as it continued to run around the highway. Eventually, the dog found its way into an RV park off the freeway, where several residents tried to catch it, unsuccessfully.

After evading capture for about an hour, two women were able to get ahold of the dog, and brought him to the shelter.

DPS officials say it's unknown at this time where the dogs came from, and one of the dogs has cherry eyes and vision problems.

According to Animal Control officials, no one has come forward to claim the dogs, and they will be held for 10 days, before they go up for adoption.