Dog named 'Faith' waiting to be adopted for more than 1,200 days

It’s hard to find another dog having more fun than Faith.

"She is the biggest cuddle bug. If she can lay on you all day long and give you kisses and cuddle, she will happily do so," said Lynette Correa, of the Pittie Party of Central Florida.

Unfortunately, Faith hasn’t found any humans with whom to cuddle, and she is currently being cared for by the Pittie Party of Central Florida, a pitbull-focused rescue group. Faith has been there longer than any other dog they’ve ever had: more than 1,200 days.

"Oh, it breaks my heart, it does. She’s so deserving of love. And she has so much love to give," said Correa.

Faith here is not the most aggressive dog, but there are unfortunately just some factors that have worked against and that’s why the rescue says she just hasn’t been adopted yet. 

"She does have a diagnosed anxiety disorder so what this means is that she can be really fearful of things. She’s fearful of other animals. She’s fearful with strangers coming into the home," said Correa. 

That means families with children or other animals are out. She’s also middle-aged, around seven or eight years old. She’s a black pit, a color and type of dog that many people avoid.

Faith has been through a lot. 

"She probably came from an abuse situation. Things that a normal dog is okay with, quick movements would scare her," said Correa.

Pittie Party has been training her and working on her anxiety with a veterinarian. They’ll continue to do so even after Faith is adopted, and they have faith she will be. 

"There’s a lot of life that’s scary for Faith, but that doesn’t make her any less deserving."

If you’re interested in adopting Faith, you can reach out the Pittie Party of Central Florida here. 

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