Dog buddies ‘chat’ on video call during COVID-19 lockdown

Just like humans, dogs have been missing interacting with their furry friends in person amid the the COVID-19 pandemic. But two pooches named Laiki and Henri were able to keep in touch via a Zoom call.

Jeremy Howard, Laika’s owner, set up the video call between his pet and Henri, who is his parents’ dog. On April 6, the Ramelton, Ireland man captured footage of the two dogs having a lively “chat” with one another via Zoom.

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“Laika and Henri are best friends … they miss each other quite a bit but are getting pretty handy at the video messaging,” Howard told Storyful.

While FOX does not presently have a dog translator on staff, amateur analysis of the canine convo indicates that Laika and Henri likely discussed Renaissance literature, Golden Age Hollywood movies, and optimal locations for burying (and digging up) bones in one’s backyard.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released updated changes regarding COVID-19 and animal. The agency notes that while no evidence exists that they play a significant role in spreading the novel coronavirus, it does appear that it can spread from humans to animals in some situations.

Last week, two cats in New York tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier in April, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo also tested positive for the coronavirus.

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While some dogs are having friendly chats amid the pandemic, others are “breaking” the law. Last week, a lost pooch in Wisconsin was held by authorities for “felony cuteness.”

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