Disney employees being called to the happiest place on earth

Little by little, Disney employees are being called back to work.

“It’s going to be like the first day of school, in 6th grade. You know who you’re going to school with, so you’re excited,” Diego Henry said after receiving a call he had been waiting for yesterday.  “They basically said welcome back. We’re calling you back. Make sure you have your gear ready to go.”

Henry has been working at Dino World at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as an attractions operator for nearly seven years.  On June 11, he will be reporting for duty, helping over at Disney Springs until they are ready for him at the park.

“They said there’s going to be meetings for what 'new' Disney is going to look like,” Diego said.

Eric Clinton is the spokesperson for the Local 362. 

“Resort custodians today received phone calls going back to work. That’s several hundred custodial workers in the resorts and then next week thousands of attractions and custodial workers in the theme parks will get a call back basically June 21st or so,” Clinton said. 

He says that’s roughly 20% of the Local 362’s members. After learning all the new safety measures, there will be lots of work for his members to do, he added. 

“Because the property has sat basically vacant for some time and mother nature and age wear on things. So our members will do a deep clean and get it ready for the guests,” Clinton explained.

Diego says he feels good about what he’s been told about his return to work. 

“I do believe that Disney has thought of just about everything that they can think of to make sure the guests are safe as well as we’re safe, which gives me that comfort of going back to work so my eye is on-going back to work and having fun,” Diego said.

Union leaders tell FOX 35 News that seniority plays a role in who is getting called back to work first.  The leader of the Local 737 tells FOX 35 News that 30% of his members still have not received a single unemployment check yet.