Disney bloggers share park experiences after returning for reopening

Walt Disney World has started allowing passholders to re-enter the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

We spoke with two people who were in the park and got an inside look at the magic kingdom's makeover: Disney bloggers Seth Kubersky from TheUnofficialGuides.com and Tom Corless with WDWNT.com. They said the changes started when you got to the parking lot.

“It took almost a half-hour to get through the parking tolls and into the parking lot. A lot of that was because they're socially-distancing cars in the parking lot, parking every other row,” Kubersky said. 

Corless said after parking it was fast getting into the park.

“Temperature screening couldn't be any faster. Took maybe a second. The monorails have limited capacity now, but we got on pretty quick and it was a quick iPad scan to get to the park. That was it, we were in.”

In the park, there were fewer crowds, with masks and social-distancing everywhere.

“Everything seems under control, it's not very crowded. I mean, wait times are still moderate because ride vehicles hold less people,” Corless said.

Kubersly said if you stepped out of line, cast members were quick to let you know.

“At one point this morning, while in line for Starbucks, I accidentally crept a few inches too close to the party in front of me and there was a cast member there on the spot reminding me to remain socially-distant.”

At this time Disney has stopped using their fast-pass system, but both bloggers said because they had cut down on the number of people in the park so drastically, most rides had wait times of less than ten minutes.