Disney annual passholders wait hours for Tron Lightcycle / Run preview spots

Disney Parks Blog/Shanghai Disney

"Thank you for your continued patience" is the message many Walt Disney World annual passholders stared at for hours while waiting in the online queue to register for the Tron Lightcycle / Run previews on Thursday.

Some passholders said they waited about two hours before finally snagging a time slot to Enter the Grid. 

"Oh gosh, that felt like pulling teeth," someone wrote on the Disney Annual Passholders page on Facebook. "Finally, after 2 hours plus wait and need to refresh once a Saturday, March 4th, popped up!"

"FINALLY got through and registered! Jumped in the queue at 9:06 a.m. and got through to the site at around 11:15!" another wrote. 

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Others weren't so lucky. Many passholders said that after waiting for hours, either the available days fell on blockout dates for their passes or they got an "event is full" message. Here are some of the comments made on the Annual Passholders Facebook page:

  • "If you have Pixie Pass they are sold out!"
  • "2.5 hours for days I can’t even go cool…"
  • "Not cool! I am bitter that vloggers, etc. get to ride these rides 15 times and I can never get I even once!"
  • "Wait, so did anyone actually get in? Got in as soon as the email was sent, waited four hours, got booted, and then it was full."

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Disney cast members were the first to ride Tron during previews over the past couple of weeks in Orlando. While many reviews have been positive, the ride is drawing some controversy over the sizes of the seats on the Lightcycles.

Some riders say the seats are too small and many guests don’t fit in them.

"So, it’s more of like your hips and your thigh area that it doesn’t close the right way and so since you can’t lock in that way. It won’t fit. It won’t shut," Jeff Jenkins, a travel expert, told FOX 35.

"My husband is 5’10" and he said it was AWKWARD to fit into," one Twitter user said. "They’re basing the ride vehicles off of the body types from Shanghai and that’s just not going to work here."

In a statement to Fox 35, a Disney spokesperson said:

"We offer the opportunity for guests to test the restraint system outside the attraction before entering the queue. A bench seat with lap bar is also available for guests with disability or fit concerns to experience the attraction if accessibility for this unique ride system is a concern."

TRON Lightcycle / Run officially opens on April 4 at Magic Kingdom Park.