Disabled vet wants to thank kids who returned his lost wallet

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The wallet that Marc Walsh lost the night before, appeared on surveillance camera with two children trying to return it.

The money was still inside as the children brought it to its rightful owner, Marc Walsh.

"Being unemployed and a disabled veteran it's difficult for me to find work," he said. "So the money that I do have, I really needed it a lot and so I was heartbroken to have lost my wallet."

Walsh thinks he dropped it outside the grocery store down the street Tuesday night. So imagine his surprise when his roommate called Wednesday to tell him his wallet had been returned - totally intact.

"I pulled over on the side of the road and started crying I was so happy," Walsh said.

Inside was his driver's license, his military ID, his credit cards and a couple hundred dollars.

"When I went back to look at the video, I was just completely shocked to see two kids that age being the ones to return it," he said. "Honestly it's just really truly heartwarming."

Walsh was so grateful to get his wallet back and so touched by the kindness of the kids, he reached out to FOX 2 to reach out to them.

"Unfortunately they didn't get a reward so that's why I wanted to find them," he said.

If you know who these kids are, contact us over at FOX 2 (248-552-5103) or fox2newsdesk@foxtv.com so we can put you in touch with Marc - he wants to say thank you.